Membership Expectations

Membership in the Phi Kappa Sigma International Fraternity has many privileges, but with these rewards come obligations and expectations that every Brother must fulfill. Our members strive to meet the following expectations:

  • I will strive for academic excellence and encourage it in my Brothers.
  • I will always respect other persons. I will refrain from and will not tolerate physical, mental, psychological, sexual, or hazing abuses to anyone, especially a fellow Fraternity member.
  • I will respect my own property and the property of others, and I will not tolerate the abuse of property by others.
  • I will meet all financial obligations in a timely manner.
  • I will not abuse alcohol or support alcohol abuse, nor will I condone the use or possession of illegal substances of any kind.
  • I will abide by the laws and policies of the country, state, locality and my college or university at all times.
  • I will keep Chapter property safe, cleaned and maintained.
  • I will learn and understand the Ritual of Phi Kappa Sigma and incorporate the ideals expressed by the Ritual in everyday life.
  • I will abide by the Constitution and Acts and policies of the Phi Kappa Sigma Fraternity and the By-laws and policies of the Chapter to which I am affiliated.
  • I will strive to keep my Chapter strong by actively participating in recruitment.
  • I recognize that my responsibility to Phi Kappa Sigma does not end upon graduation and I will always support the Fraternity to the best of my ability.
  • I will encourage and challenge other Fraternity members to abide by these expectations and confront those who fail to do so.

Our members conduct not only affects their own personal reputation, but the reputation of their Brothers, their Chapter, and the entire International Fraternity as well.