Become a Scholar

We work hard so we can play hard! And when it comes to academics, few fraternity men out there work as hard as Phi Kaps.

Going to college means being in a completely new environment, away from home. Your professors and parents have high expectations, and you have high expectations for yourself. What better way to succeed than to lean on others who have the experience and are committed to helping you?

Being a member in Phi Kappa Sigma means being part of something bigger, and our organization is only as strong as the members in it. Your brothers are there to help you get it done, just like you will be there for them when they need it.

Whether it’s through one-on-one tutoring from upperclassmen, study groups each week at the Chapter house to learn together, or helping you manage your time with all that you have going on, your Phi Kap brothers will make sure you’re rising to the occasion.

Are you ready to become a scholar and take your academic performance to the next level with Phi Kap?