Being a member of Phi Kappa Sigma means you take your academics seriously. It means you strive to be the best and that you work hard so you can play hard.

On college campuses across America, fraternity men are taking advantage of additional resources that give them a leg-up on their non-Greek colleagues. Resources like scheduled study hours, tutoring and mentoring opportunities from older members, and access to additional programming are only some of the ways Greeks are taking advantage of their organizations.

Phi Kappa Sigma is no different. The emphasis we place on our members’ academic success instills, among other things, an indisputable determination that ensures Phi Kaps are leaders in the classroom, on campus, and in their communities.

We recognize that not all schools are the same, so when you visit the Phi Kaps on your campus, be sure to ask about their academic plan, which is tailor-made with that campus in mind. By letting chapters have the autonomy to set their own academic goals and form their own plans, we make sure Phi Kaps have every opportunity to be successful at their schools.