Benefits of Greek Life

Congratulations! You’ve been admitted to college. Now what? Between the time you get your acceptance letter and your first day of class, you’ll have a lot of important questions to answer: “What color sheets should I buy?” “Do I really want to take calculus at 8:30 in the morning?” “Which meal plan should I get?”

You’ll also, at some point, want to put some thought into what you’re going to major in and how you’re going to position yourself for life after college, but if you’re considering joining a fraternity, the latter is more or less taken care of.

As a fraternity man, you will be among the nation’s best prepared and most likely to succeed during and after college. Not only will the chances that you graduate improve, but, statistically, so will your grades. You will be more likely to participate in (and excel at) extracurriculars and student leadership, and you will form lasting relationships with the best and brightest men and women on your campus.

Check out some statistics about the benefits of joining a fraternity, and tell me that, for less than 2% of your total college expenses, rushing isn’t a smart investment:

• 43 of the 50 biggest U.S. companies are headed by fraternity men.

• 40 of 47 Supreme Court Justices since 1910 have been Greek.

• 85% of Fortune 500 executives are Greek.

• Over 70% of students who join a Greek organization graduate, compared to less than 50% of all non-Greek students.

• The average GPA of all Greek students nationwide is higher than the average GPA of all non-Greek students.

• All but three Presidents since the first social fraternity was founded in 1825 have been fraternity men.

• Over 80% of campus student leaders are Greek.

• 76% of all Congressmen, -women, and Senators are Greek.

• Phi Kappa Sigma members perform over 20,000 hours of volunteer service annually.

• The Greek community is the largest network of volunteers in the US, donating over 10 million hours of service each year.

• Over $7 million of philanthropic fundraising is raised each year by Greeks nationally.

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