Insignia and Mottos


We cherish our symbols and mottos as sacred representations of our Fraternity and the kind of men we strive to be.

pks_logo-markCoat of Arms

The Coat of Arms is comprised of 3 pieces: the Crest (the skull above the shield), the Arms (the shield itself) and the Maxim (the scroll below the shield). The objects that comprise the Coat of Arms have standard heraldic meanings that include the year of our founding (1850), the importance of academic excellence, and that membership in Phi Kappa Sigma is a lifelong commitment.

The Maxim is Phi Kappa Sigma’s public motto, “Stellis Aequus Durando,” which is Latin for “Equal To The Stars In Endurance.”


The flag is black with the skull and bones in the upper lefthand corner (union) and the letters Phi, Kappa, and Sigma horizontally along the center–all in old gold.

New Member Pin

New member pin

The official new member pin of the Fraternity is a square with rounded corners. The background is of black enamel with the monogram of the Greek letters Phi, Kappa, and Sigma in gold. The Phi is the largest with the Kappa and Sigma being smaller and placed inside the Phi on the left and right hemispheres, respectively.

member badge

Member Badge

The official badge of membership is a gold Maltese cross with a black enamel border and skull and crossbones in the center. In the left, lower, and right arms are the letters Phi, Kappa, and Sigma, respectively, each in black enamel. In the upper arm of the cross is a six-pointed star, also in black enamel. On the reverse of the badge is the date of the Fraternity‘s founding in Roman numerals (1850, or MDCCCL in Roman numerals), surrounded by a serpent. The badge is never jeweled in order to express equality among all brothers.

The membership badge should always be worn over the heart, not on the lapel of a coat. When attired in a sports coat or suit, the badge should be worn on the shirt or vest. The badge may also be worn on a collared shirt, but should never be worn on a t-shirt, sweatshirt, or similar attire.



The official Fraternity flower is the yellow chrysanthemum.


Our official fraternity colors are black (#000000) and old gold (#8f764d).

We also have a number of public mottos our members live by:

“Brotherhood Is More Than Skin Deep”

In 1858, a proposal was introduced to the Fraternity that would have made Phi Kappa Sigma an all-white organization. The proposal was unanimously voted against in 1860, making us the first fraternity to adopt an anti-discriminatory clause in our Constitution. We choose men to become members based on the worth of their character, not superficialities like race, religion, or wealth.

“Once a Phi Kap, Always a Phi Kap”

Our brothers retain lifelong membership because our organization is a lifelong commitment. The Fraternity is not a social club, something you do for four years in college and then forget about when you graduate. It is an enduring learning process that defines you and makes you a better man through friendship and values-based living.

“Stellis Aequus Durando”

The Fraternity and its members have faced many challenges since our founding in 1850. From the Civil War to the Great Depression, both world wars to Vietnam, and countless others. Through it all, Phi Kaps have stayed strong and kept the Fraternity alive. Our most important public motto, “Stellis Aequus Durando,” or “Equal to the Stars in Endurance,” reflects our steadfastness and lifelong dedication to Phi Kappa Sigma. It is emblazoned on our crest to signify the commitment our members have to persevere.

“Men of Honor Since 1850”

The value of honor is at the core of our Fraternity. A man of honor is an inspiring example of the greatness that can be achieved when he commits to becoming his best self, to live congruently with a set of honorable values, and to serve the community in which he lives.