Notable Phi Kaps

Brothers playing pool

The measure of any organization is in the members it produces, and Phi Kappa Sigma has developed more than its share of leaders in all walks of life.  Below are just a few examples of the Phi Kaps who have distinguished themselves in all fields, from politicians to Nobel laureates, business moguls to athletes.


B.F. “Frank” Bane (Tau, Randolph-Macon 1913)

First executive director of the Social Security Board

Bob Riley (Alpha Kappa, Alabama 1965)

Governor of Alabama
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David F. Nolan (Alpha Mu, MIT 1965)

Founder of the Libertarian Party
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Henry A. du Pont (Alpha, Pennsylvania 1857)

U.S. Senator, Delaware; Major General, U.S. Army

James Roche (Alpha Epsilon, IIT 1960)

20th Secretary of the Air Force
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John A McCone (Alpha Lambda, Berkeley 1922)

CIA Director; Chairman, Atomic Energy Commission

Lewis F. Powell Jr. (Alpha Alpha, Washington & Lee 1929)

US Supreme Court Justice
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John A. McCone (Alpha Lambda, UC-Berkeley 1922)

Director of the CIA
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Adolphus A. Busch IV (Beta Gamma, Denver 1976)

CEO of Anheuser-Busch

Charles L. Jarvie (Alpha Rho, Cornell)

President of Dr. Pepper

Donald F. Craib Jr. (Alpha Psi, UCLA 1949)

CEO of Allstate Insurance

E. Cardon Walker (Alpha Psi, UCLA 1938)

Chairman and CEO of Walt Disney Productions
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Pierre S. du Pont (Alpha, Pennsylvania 1890)

CEO of General Motors
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Richard Chichester du Pont (Eta, Virginia)

Founder, U.S. Airways; National glider champion
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Robert A. Cornog (Alpha Epsilon, IIT 1961)

CEO of Snap-On Tools

Robinson Brown Jr. (Eta, Virginia 1939)

Chairman of the Board, Brown Forman Distillers

W. Randolph Baker (Alpha Iota, Vanderbilt 1968)

Vice President, Anheuser-Busch


Thomas F. Keller (Nu, Duke 1954)

Dean of The Fuqua School of Business at Duke University
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Derek C. Bok (Alpha Tau, Stanford 1951)

President of Harvard University
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John Corbally Jr. (Alpha Upsilon, Washington 1947)

President of the University of Illinois
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Lowell J. Reed (Alpha Delta, Maine 1907)

President of Johns Hopkins University
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Arthur C. Williard (Alpha Mu, MIT 1904)

President of the University of Illinois
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Tom Wolfe (Alpha Alpha, Washington & Lee 1951)

Author of The Right Stuff, The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test, and other acclaimed books
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Paul Lynde (Upsilon, Northwestern 1948)

Actor and comedian of television and film; Uncle Arthur, Bewitched; center square, The Hollywood Squares; Templeton, Charlotte’s Web

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Maxfield Parrish (Omega, Haverford College 1892)

World-renowned painter and illustrator

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Robert Ruark (Lambda, UNC-Chapel Hill 1935)

Author, The Old Man and the BoySomething of Value, and Uhuru; humorist; syndicated columnist

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William H. Davis (Upsilon, Northwestern 1943)

Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Golf Digest

Frederick de Cordova (Upsilon, Northwestern 1931)

Producer of The Tonight Show
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John J. Curley (Epsilon, Dickinson 1960)

CEO, Gannett Publishing Company; President, USA Today

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Bob Lally (Alpha Psi, UCLA 1959)

Director: The Jeffersons, Sigmund and the Sea MonstersLand of the Lost, and others

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Perry Grant (Alpha Psi, UCLA 1946)

Producer, Dick Van Dyke Show


Dean DeWitt Lewis (Kappa, Lake Forest College 1895)

President, American Medical Association
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Edward Mills Purcell (Alpha Xi, Purdue 1933)

Nobel Prize Winner for Physics
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G. David Low (Alpha Alpha, Washington & Lee 1978)

Astronaut, space shuttle Columbia
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Roger Chaffee (Alpha Epsilon, IIT 1957)

Astronaut, Apollo 1
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Stanford Moore (Alpha Iota, Vanderbilt 1935)

Nobel Prize Winner for Chemistry
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Skip Bayless (Alpha Iota, Vanderbilt 1974)

American sports columnist and Fox Sports personality
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Frank J. McGuire (Alpha Eta, South Carolina, 1966)

University of South Carolina basketball head coach, NCAA Tournament winner, two-time ACC Coach of the Year winner, and inducted into both the Basketball and College Basketball Hall of Fame
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Jeff Mullins (Nu, Duke, 1964)

University of North Carolina-Charlotte basketball head coach and NBA champion
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Gary Moeller, (Alpha Chi, Ohio State, 1963)

University of Michigan head football coach, three-time Big Ten conference winner, and two-time Big Ten Coach of the Year winner
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Denzel E. “Denny” Crum (Alpha Psi, UCLA, 1960)

University of Louisville basketball head coach, two-time NCAA Tournament winner, and inducted into both the Basketball and College Basketball Hall of Fame
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Clarence “Biggie” Munn (Alpha Sigma, Minnesota, 1932)

Former Michigan State head football coach, winner of a Big Ten conference championship, an NCAA football championship, and inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame
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De Benneville “Bert” Bell (Alpha, Pennsylvania, 1918)

Former Commissioner of the NFL and creator of the NFL draft
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Matt Bouza (Alpha Lambda, Berkeley 1980)

Professional Football Player, Indianapolis Colts