Start a Chapter

Not finding what you are looking for with the fraternities that already exist in your campus? Do you want to build something for yourself and make a lasting mark on your campus, rather than settle for something that doesn’t meet your expectations? Are you a leader that is unafraid of a challenge?

Every Chapter of Phi Kappa Sigma was started by a student who thought the same thing you did: that there had to be something better out there, a fraternity that offers something truly compelling. There had to be a fraternity focused on academics, leadership, and becoming a better person while having a great social experience.

It might not be at your campus just yet, but that fraternity exists: Phi Kappa Sigma.

We are always looking to expand the reach of the Phi Kap experience to interested students and campuses that share our values, commitment to academics, and sense of community. Leaders just like you have been responsible for bringing Phi Kappa Sigma to the following campuses in recent years:

Every expansion effort is a challenging yet rewarding journey for the men who become founding fathers of a new chapter of Phi Kappa Sigma.

Below is a simple outline of the entire expansion process. Step one is someone being interested in starting a new chapter somehow, whether it is a student, alumnus, campus, or the International Headquarters that initiates the first interest.

Expansion Process

All expansion opportunities then start as the same thing, a small group of interested students. We define this as an interest group. This is an unofficial group until they become a colony. However, our Headquarters Staff will work aggressively with an interest group through our “Commitment” phase to make that a reality. Once colony status is reached, our Headquarters Staff and an Alumni Advisory Board lead the support of the group through our “Challenge” process and eventually to chartering as a new chapter of Phi Kappa Sigma. Each stage in this simple outline is detailed further take a look at our Expansion_Guide.

Are you ready to become a Phi Kap?