Financial Costs

Parents FAQ

Like any business, both the national organization of Phi Kappa Sigma and each local Chapter have expenses, which are offset by dues and fees paid by members. The Phi Kappa Sigma Constitution & Acts governs most fees set by the National Executive Committee each year; most Chapters choose to incorporate each member’s national fees into their local dues structure.

Phi Kappa Sigma’s Constitution & Acts and local bylaws also allow each Chapter to set and levy their own local dues in additional to the national fees. Typical semester dues assessed by the local Chapter might also include other local fees for housing, school organization costs, social activities, meal plans, or other possible expenses. The total amount of dues your son will pay each semester is different for each local Chapter, and is also different from other fraternities on campus due to the myriad of ways and amounts different organizations charge their members. Be sure to check with the Treasurer in your son’s local Chapter for specifics regarding local dues.

Compared to peer organizations in the fraternal world, Phi Kappa Sigma is consistently one of the least inexpensive to join, while offering leading-edge programs and services for our members. The programs and services we offer and provide take on many forms, including:

  • Member and New Member education programming
  • Officer education
  • Recruitment training
  • Risk management education and services
  • Our biennial “Grand Chapter” national convention
  • Our annual “Men of Honor” leadership academy
  • Our annual “Carroll K. Simons Leadership Institute” advanced leadership academy
  • Volunteer and staff visits
  • and many more!

The costs that your son can expected to be assessed by Phi Kappa Sigma and the local chapter are based on a fall membership but may vary with consideration of local situations, needs, and desires.  At a basic level, the cost is $500 per term as follows:

Fall Term
Spring Term

Year 1

$100 –
$80 –
$150 –
$170 –
New Member Fee
Risk Assessment
Initiation Fee Deposit
$80 –
$50 –
$150 –
$220 –
Risk Assessment
Convention Fee
Initiation Fee Deposit

Year 2+

$130 –
$85 –
$280 –
$5 –
Undergraduate Fee
Risk Assessment
National Housing
$80 –
$50 –
$25 –
$345 –
Risk Assessment
Convention Fee
Group Assessment


New Member Fee: $100 per New Member (one-time fee)

This one-time fee is due within two weeks of joining Phi Kappa Sigma, and pays for your son’s New Member pin, his “Skull Sessions” education manual, and the administrative costs to add him to Phi Kappa Sigma’s systems.

New Member Initiation Fee: $300 per New Member (one-time fee)

This one-time fee is due within two weeks of the Chapter’s initiation ceremony, and pays for your son’s membership badge, certificate, and card, as well as a lifetime subscription to Phi Kappa Sigma’s alumni magazine, The Maltese Cross.

Annual Membership Dues: $125 per Member (recurring annual fee starting the fall after joining)

Annual membership dues are required on a per man basis by the Phi Kappa Sigma Constitution & Acts. All undergraduate initiated members are required to pay annual membership dues.

Chapter/Colony Group Assessment Fee: $375 per group (recurring annual fee)

An annual Chapter assessment fee is levied to help offset the cost of Chapter visits made by Phi Kappa Sigma staff members each year. This nominal cost is assessed on a per Chapter basis, as opposed to a per undergraduate basis.

Grand Chapter Assessment Fee: $50 per Member (recurring annual fee starting the spring after joining)

An annual Grand Chapter assessment fee is levied to help offset the cost of implementing the fraternity’s national convention that is held every two years.

National Housing Operational Assessment: $2.50 per Member (semi-annual recurring  fee starting the spring after joining)

A semi-annual assessment for the purposes for maintaining a national housing corporation which provides guidance to chapters for acquiring and operating property.

Risk Management Assessment: variable cost (recurring annual fee starting the fall after joining)

An annual insurance cost is assessed using a per-man formula. This rate can fluctuate from year to year based on market conditions and the performance of your son’s Chapter across a number of objective standards. All undergraduate initiated members are required to pay insurance costs, which protect your son’s Chapter, officers and members, the housing corporation, the national fraternity, and appointed volunteers from claims occurring at the premises or at Chapter functions away from the premises.